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The ongoing economic crisis has made some adverse effects on the human lifestyle in Sri Lanka. Most of the people are struggling to make a living and the rest are struggling to survive. While going through this chaos, what if a person gets a chance to give staples and green that they have in excess to a person who is in need?

Green Market will provide you the answer for this. Green Market is an online platform which connects the people to sell and buy greens for their needs. As an example, a person who lives in Gampaha has some excess tomatoes which he grew in his garden, and he wants to sell it or give it for free to a person who is in the actual need of it. Simply by visiting green market, he can find a prospective buyer or a person with the actual need. The main objective of this ‘Green Market’ concept is to limit the wastage of food. This will be the only online platform which conveniently allows people to buy, sell or exchange all the consumables.

The Green Market online platform will bring you many categories.

green market

For Sellers

A category for sellers

For Buyers

A category for buyers

For Exchange

A category to exchange goods

For Donators

A category which includes products which are offered for free

You can be a Donator

A person who is willing to offer fruits, vegetables or seeds for free, he can use the free category to offer his products and find prospective people with the need. This project will strengthen the supportiveness which relies on our people, and this will lead them to help each other in sustaining their lifestyles. And also, this will encourage people to grow more fruits and vegetables, which will provide an economic support to their families by reducing the cost of food and beverages.


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